Music Notes – Jaime’s Jam’s Volume 4

For awhile there I was pretty consistently putting together playlists and posting them to the blog. I suddenly found myself in a swarm of photo sessions and up to my ears in editing and the playlists took a backseat, for obvious reasons. Things have since calmed down, I am preparing for lots of new babies this spring and a few weddings sprinkled in here and there. I thought I would start spicing up the new and GREATLY improved blog with a few posts and a playlist or two. If you want to check out the old playlists, [click here].

There is no rhyme or reason to any of these songs, they are just tunes that I have either stumbled across or friends have introduced me too. In the long term I plain on turning my old blogger site into a music, TV and movie review site, because lets face it, I am an entertainment junkie. I am a series binge watcher and Netflix crazy person. No, I am not ashamed. Just like photography, film making and music is art. Some of it is genius, some not so great and  well there are ones we spend time watching and when its over we realize we just wasted 87 minutes of our lives. That’s okay though. Each one has its place and to appreciate the good stuff, the REALLY smart stuff, you have to sometimes take your chances with the “time wasters.” I will put together another post with some movies and shows, and maybe a little review 😉

Bundle up and get the deck of cards out East Coast! I heard there is gonna be a little snow headed our way. Stock the beer and get your wine openers ready. This is gonna be the BIG one! LOL!!! 😉




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