In The Middle of Town ~ Harrisonburg Virginia ~ Baby Photographer

I drive around a lot and look for light and locations, most of the time I don’t mean to but you may find me looking a little strange as I bite my lower lip and tilt my head seeing some glimmer of magic between the busy street with cars passing by and the over grown weeds that have taken over a once perfect garden. I have had my eye on this spot for some time and I always like to keep various places in the roledex (1980s reference 😉 )within my head. I don’t like shooting at the same spot multiple times so sometimes I may just go for it with the weird location and luckily this mom puts a lot of trust in me and never questions my weird explanations on how to find me next to a basketball hoop in a parking lot behind a building around a corner and in a garden. She always finds me though and I like to think that her trust pays off.

Here is a few from Miss E’s 3/4 month shoot. I am lucky to have such patient clients as most of you know this year has been one for the record books. I will be blogging about all that soon but for now here are some cuties to enjoy!












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