Emme is 3 ~ Vintage Circus Birthday Party ~ Harrisonburg Virginia Photographer

At the end of April as life and work begins to get super busy!! I got to run over to Miss Emme’s house and photograph the exciting circus inspired birthday party she would be having later that day. I met Emme when she was 5 months old and is one of my most favorite little ones. She is so smart and funny, her vocabulary is excellent and she is so much fun to be around. So are her parents! So that makes sense! When Emme turned one she had a Bumble Bee party, when she turned two it was a Rainbow party and not that she is three she had a fun Vintage Circus inspired party! Complete with games and the coolest “popcorn” cupcakes ever! Enjoy some of the shots from Emme’s third birthday! It was fun to see you sweet girl!

Much Love,




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